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coaching game...

Points of You includes a set of photo cards, instructional hand book, outline map and series of questions prompting you different other points of view regarding situations, events or relationships.

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bumper stickers...

But not just for your bumper. Made of weather proof, low-tack material. (3” x 11”)


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No batteries required. Keeps extremely accurate time... ALL of the time. Various styles and products.


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yoga props...

Rest easy on these made to last products from Half Moon. From bolsters to eye-pillows they are a Vancouver based company with your restorative needs in mind.


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Amethyst crystal-filled with Far Infrafred heating help to reduce Cortisol levels in the body and increase healthy cell growth and regeneration. Using Thermotherapy to deepen and enhance your body’s rest and revitalization. Life-time warranty on all products.

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